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Assignment #3: Depiction of Women and Minorities

Worldwide Persecution of Atheists in Media and Elsewhere Throughout history, many people have been persecuted for their religious beliefs . They're persecuted because their beliefs are different from those in the majority, or those in power, or they're persecuted because they don't believe the same religion as their persecutors, or because their persecutors want to use them as a scapegoat for their problems (such as Jews in Nazi Germany ). There isn't any religious group that hasn't faced persecution at some point throughout history.  One group that is also persecuted is those who have no religious beliefs: atheists (some of which prefer the term agnostics ). Most people are taught about religion by their parents , or they're brought into a particular religion by their family, and they don't ever stray from that. Parents have a very strong influence on their children , as I learned way back in my psychology and child education classes 30 years ago.