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Assignment #4: Wild Card

Genealogy Sites In August, I joined to build a family tree and perhaps learn more about my family history.  My maiden name was McGlone (my father's name).  My Grandmother's family is Walker. I didn't know anything about my mother's side of the family because she was adopted.  My sister-in-law does a lot of genealogy research for her family history (the Lanoues and DeMoranvilles), so she gave me the idea.  She has traveled to Ireland, the UK, and all around the U.S. to do research. Recently she went to Utah, where they have a lot of genealogy information. I had always been told that my grandmother kept a lot of genealogy research, but when I contacted the cousin that supposedly had all of this research, there was very little. She sent me a very short, hard-to-read family tree. It was only my grandmother's side and nothing else.  That's when I decided to go to Ancestry and build a family tree.  Later on, I had my DNA tested as well. I'